Kathy Page

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(415) 238-3060

Neighborhood: Glen Park

My work is often inspired by geographic imagery, real or imaginary - a fragment of the Pangaea landmass, a satellite map, a fingerprint. I may investigate a single form repeatedly, expressing it in various 2-dimensional mediums and from different perspectives or experiment with materials or a process and discover the work’s meaning in the process of creating it. My work is essentially an exploration of new territory – a practice grounded in curiosity, research and pondering the unknown.

Recent projects include the Identity Maps series, based on fingerprint imagery, and the Atlas of Similarities, a 42-panel mixed media grid that evolved from an investigation of the impact of materials on form into a meditation on the relationship of individual identity to universal human experience. The 2018 series, Evidence of the Sublime, morphed from an experiment with India ink on Yupo paper into an exploration of the patterns discernible beneath the surface of everyday life.