Nikki Vismara

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(916) 616-8204

Neighborhood: Bayview
SFOS 2020
Hunters Point Shipyard
Galvez Ave and Donahue St
San Francisco, CA

Artist Bio:
Nikki Vismara is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her Master’s Degree in Paleolithic Art from the Université Lumière in Lyon, France. She lived in France for nearly a decade and taught Art History at the university level. In addition to painting and exhibiting overseas, Vismara traveled extensively and did humanitarian work helping children access education in West Africa. She returned to her native California in 2013 and works as a full-time artist at Hunter's Point Shipyard Artist Studios. She has been a featured artist at Saks Fifth Avenue, profiled in Luxe Magazine, and currently serves on the Advisory Board for The Asylum Project as well as Artspan’s Open Studio Committee. She exhibits regularly in galleries across the United States and her work can be found in private collections around the world.

Artist Statement:
Rooted in concept and emotion, my artwork is intuitively accomplished. I love the unpredictability of abstract painting and the physical demands of working large. I build the canvases myself, and they are often bigger than me. My paintings are comprised of many layers, a process which forces me to slow down and examine my work. Painting has helped me learn patience.

My monochromatic series explore the coexistence of light and dark, both literally and metaphorically, while my colorful abstracts are often a reflection of my surroundings. My studio is located at a decommissioned naval base on the San Francisco Bay, and the proximity of water and birds has unconsciously become a recurring theme in my work. Whether I am creating large scale works or experimenting with new techniques, I enjoy both the challenge and satisfaction painting brings me.