Ariel Gold

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(313) 549-0085

Neighborhood: Dogpatch
SFOS 2020
Dogpatch Collective
1661 Tennessee St Suite 3D
San Francisco, CA 94107

Originally from the Metro Detroit area, I moved to San Francisco in 2009. I was raised by an editorial cartoonist and writer and have always considered myself the colorful baby of two print artists. In contrast to them, my work revolves around color and the ways in which we associate, interact with and interpret color. Even my work with black and white typically relates to my past or is a representation of the absence of or full saturation of all colors. My work is about the relationship between people and their environment whether it be a physical place of a feeling created by an experience in that space. The color together with of movement and texture of the brushstrokes create a story or a feeling for the viewer that is open to their own interpretation. My motto in life is to live vibrantly which I attempt in both my personal and professional life.

I have spent my life traveling and absorbing the people and places I have encountered.
I currently reside in San Francisco, California and am part of the Journal Building Artist in Residency