Traditionally, the SF Open Studios Exhibition provides a premier preview of the diverse artistic mediums and styles characterizing the San Francisco art scene today. This is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind featuring over 400 works of art, each no greater than 20 x 20 inches, by artists participating in the annual SF Open Studios program. ArtSpan invites prominent Bay Area arts and culture luminaries to the SFOS Exhibition to each select one artwork to receive their AMPLIFY: Juror's Choice Awards. Through these recognitions, jurors amplify the reach of artists distinguished for the visual impact of their submitted work. The jurors also pick an additional five artists to be their top 5 picks for SF Open Studios.

In 2020, due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, we presented the AMPLIFY: Juror's Choice Awards during ArtLaunch, the SF (Open) Studios celebration via an interactive Zoom party on Thursday, September 24 from 6:30pm to 8pm. You may watch the event below.

This year's ArtLaunch and AMPLIFY: Juror's Choice Awards featured LIVE ukulele performance by ArtSpan Artist Joshua Coffy, viewing rooms exhibiting over 250 SF(O)S artworks, and the AMPLIFY: Juror's Choice Awards award ceremony! 

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Joseph Abbati
- selected by Ashley L. Voss

Nina Fabunmi
- selected by Eden Stein

Nina Fabunmi
- selected by Marsha Connell

Roberta Ahrens
- selected by Matt McKinley

Geneviève L'Heureux
- selected by Philip Bewley


William Rhodes, Aynur Girgin Westen, Leslie Morgan, Philip Hua, Soad A Kader
- selected by Ashley L. Voss

Dominique Caron, Sandra Speidel, dk haas, Suzy Barnard, Jamie Pavlich-Walker
- selected by Eden Stein

Michelle Hoting, Linda Larson, Beth Fein, Carol Kummer, Gary Rocchio
- selected by Marsha Connell

Dolores R. Gray, Jamie L. Luoto, Holly Wong, Vadim Puyandaev, Kate Tova
- selected by Matt McKinley

Ronald Chase, Jamie L. Luoto, Jane B. Grimm, Howard Hersh, Henry Bortman
- selected by Philip Bewley


Philip Bewley, Gallery Director & Curator, DZINE Gallery

Marsha Connell Studio, Sonoma County Art Professor⁠

Matt McKinley, Owner, McKinley Art Solutions⁠

Eden Stein, Owner & Curator, Secession Art and Design

Ashley L. Voss, Owner & Director, Voss Gallery


AMPLIFY: Juror’s Choice Award Winners

Joshua Coffy
- selected by Irene Hernandez-Feiks

Aynur Girgin Westen
- selected by James Bacchi

Tanya Herrera
- selected by Patience Yi

Paul Madonna
- selected by Donna Seager

Mike Sanchez
- selected by Dylan Ozanich

Sandra Yagi
- selected by Alan Bamberger

Top 5 Picks

Gail Gurman, Dianne Hoffman, Shane IzykowskiNorm Quiros, Russell Ryan
- selected by Irene Hernandez-Feiks

Mike KimballPaul MadonnaCarrie Ann PlankRansom & MitchellAlexander von Wolff
- selected by James Bacchi

Ramiro CairoBianca LevanCarrie Ann PlankRansom & MitchellAnselm Yew
- selected by Alan Bamberger

David Avery, Mike Kimball, Bianca LevanGail Gurman, Jane R. Wilson
- selected by Donna Seager

Silvi Alcivar, Andrea BergenMaya KiniSheila Metcalf Tobin, Talavera-Ballon
- selected by Patience Yi

Carol Banfield, Kacy (Kuo-Chen) Jung, Paul MadonnaJenny M. Phillips, Lynn Rubenzer
- selected by Dylan Ozanich



Alan Bamberger, Art Consultant & Appraiser of

James Bacchi, Founding Partner of ArtHaus Gallery

Irene Hernandez-Feiks, Curator & Founder of WonderlandSF & Chillin Productions

Dylan Ozanich, Founding Partner of Scale Up Art

Donna Seager, Founding Partner of Seager Gray Gallery

Patience Yi, Executive Director of Code and Canvas


AMPLIFY: Juror’s Choice Award Winners

Tamara Avery

Cy de Groat

Camila Magrane

Lynn Rubenzer

Stevan Shapona



Elise Boivin, Founder & CEO at Artly Owl

Erica Garber, Director of Philanthropy at CatchLight

Amy Kisch, Founder & CEO of AKArt Advisory and Collect For Change™

Dasha Matsuura, Director of Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco

Amy Spencer, Exhibitions Director at Richmond Art Center



AMPLIFY: Juror’s Choice Award Winners

Ariel Gold

Jane B. Grimm

Michael Jang

William Rhodes

Cindy Shih

Beth Davila Waldman

Aynur Girgin Westin



Lisa Burger, Board President at Independent Arts & Media

Katie Conry, Executive Director of the Tenderloin Museum

Jennifer Farris, Owner of STUDIO Gallery

Amber Goldstein, Client Services Manager at Minnesota Street Project

Rachel Murray Meyer & Vince Meyer, Co-Owners of Avenue 12 Gallery

Natalia Mount, Executive Director of Pro Arts

Mark Sabb, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Museum of the African Diaspora


AMPLIFY: Juror’s Choice Award Winners

Paul Madonna

Robert Sakovich

Amy Ahlstrom

Catherine Mackey

Ramiro Cairo

Liz Hickok

Katja Leibenath​



Deborah Conrad, ArtSpan Board Member & Collector

Alfonso Cosio, Corporate Art Coordinator at SFMOMA

Maria Jensen, Executive Director of SOMArts

Jill Manton, Director of Public Art Trust & Special Initiatives at San Francisco Arts Commission

Michelle Mansour, Executive Director of Root Division

Jose Portillo, Special Events Coordinator at Art for AIDS

Mark Wolfe, Founder & Director of Mark Wolfe Contemporary


AMPLIFY Juror’s Choice Award Winners

Amy Ahlstrom

Kathy Aoki

Monica Denevan

Ivy Jacobsen

Nina Katz

Christine Meuris

Kim Smith

Maxine Solomon

Sandra Yagi



Jamie Alexander, Owner of Park Life

Betty Bigas, Curator of Public Works’ Roll Up Gallery

Melorra Green, Curator, Radio Show Host & Activist

Noah Lang, Co-Founder, Electric Works

Alex Mak, Editor of Arts, Culture, & Nightlife, Broke Ass Stuart

Kelsey Marie, Art Director at The Midway 

Olivia Ongping, Curator & Director, Luna Rienne Gallery

Maryanna Rogers, Social Scientist, Designer & Educator

Gabe Scott, Curator & Writer, Juxtapoz Magazine

Amy Spencer, Program Coordinator & Curator, Pro Arts